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Auto Insurance

Our trusted advisors are here for you to help ensure that you are covered

before you get behind the wheel. Having the right auto insurance will provide

protection against medical and legal expenses resulting from injury, loss

of life, or property damage caused by an accident involving your vehicle. 

It may also cover damages to your car caused by accident, fire, theft, or another covered event. 


In the state of Pennsylvania, you are required to carry auto insurance.  The state minimum liability limitis are currently $15,000 bodily injury per person, $30,000 per occurrence, and $5,000 in property damage.  While this is all that PA law requires, it is usually not nearly enough.  You can work with our advisors to ensure you have the right coverage to fit your individual needs. 

You may also want to purchase coverage for your car in the event of a loss.  This includes collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.  Collision covers damage to your car in the event of an accident.  Comprehensive, or other than collision, covers damage to your car caused by something other than a collision.  This includes theft, vandalism, fire, and windshield damage.  This also includes if you were to hit a deer, or a deer hit you.  Although having this is not required by the state, you will need this if you finance your vehicle. 

Give us a call today to discuss your auto insurance! 

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